Netflix streaming service has released an update to its iOS app that features significant changes to the interface, including smoother animations and parallax effects for moving elements.

The Netflix home screen on iOS now displays large cards advertising new movies and series that are now available to watch on the streaming platform. Each such card now moves thanks to the parallax effect along with the movement of the iPhone thanks to the data received from the accelerometer. But this is only part of the redesign, in addition, the application has become even easier to filter content by category, switch between profiles or use search, regardless of which part of the application you are in.

When you click on a movie or series, its cover expands to reveal all the details. The Soon tab has also been redesigned and is now called New&Hot, and now also shows user-recommended content.

According to former Netflix UI designer Janum Trivedi, who worked on the new interface for the Netflix app, the project began development in 2022. “I’ve been leading a UI refresh to make Netflix feel more fluid, delightful, and polished. Today, all that work shipped,” Trivedi said on Twitter. He also shared a short video showing off the new interface: