So far, foldable smartphones cannot completely get rid of the line in the center of the display, which accompanies the entire folding mechanism. Of course, it is not liked by users: it is noticeable and felt during use, and does not add points to the aesthetics of the device at all. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of these. But the Fold 5 can fix things a bit.

Since the release of Samsung folding smartphones, the hinge has hardly changed (although the company’s engineers have, of course, improved it). Oppo and Motorola use a slightly different technology (the “droplet”) that still leaves a “crack,” but it’s much less noticeable than Samsung’s version. Therefore, the company will still resort to using such a “droplet”.

An Ice universe insider said this on his twitter:

This will be the first such large-scale change in the folding technology of Samsung smartphones, and we will be able to see it with the next line of foldable devices from the manufacturer (last year they got updated in August). Inside the company, the mechanism was called a dumbbell.

Taking into account all the improvements that the current mechanism has undergone, it is hardly worth caring about protection against water and dust, which the manufacturer will keep in any case. But the reduction of “hacking” on the display will be a very good update of the next model, which fans of the line have been waiting for a long time.