Thanks to the improvement in the supply of parts, Tesla unexpectedly significantly reduced the prices of its electric cars. Separate configurations have become cheaper by 20%.

For example, in the USA, the all-wheel drive Model Y Long Range cost $66,990, and its new price is $13,000 less — $52,990. The Performance version of this model has become cheaper by the same amount. Meanwhile, the standard front-wheel-drive Model 3 used to be sold for $46,990, and its new price is $43,990.

“At the end of a turbulent year with interruptions to the supply chain, we have achieved a partial normalisation of cost inflation, which gives us the confidence to pass this relief onto our customers,” a Tesla Germany representative told Reuters in a statement.

Depending on the country, customers will be able to get even bigger discounts due to government programs aimed at encouraging buyers to switch to electric vehicles.

The reduction in the prices of Tesla electric cars reached the USA and Europe, where individual configurations became cheaper by 20%. Dissatisfied customers protest in China

Of course, this is quite good news for those who are just about to update their car and consider Tesla as a new electric car. But for those buyers who recently purchased one of the models, it became a significant inconvenience:

“A reduction of €10,000 definitely makes you feel like you just paid too much,” wrote one user on the Tesla Drivers and Friends forum.

Earlier, disgruntled buyers in China even started to protest in local offices, demanding appropriate compensation from the company. Some of them managed to buy a new electric car months before, and someone just left the showroom on Monday and “lost $3,000 in a matter of hours.”

Currently, the company refuses to compensate owners who are dissatisfied with the situation.