It seems that the “Japanese” are more and more actively involved in the race of electric cars for the wallets of buyers. Another proof of this is the Suzuki eVX concept car, which hints at the future electric SUV from this well-known company. Currently, there is only general information and outlines of the model, but they can say a lot.

First, the Suzuki eVX SUV is a of the same class with the current Suzuki S-Cross model in overall dimensions: length 4.3 m; width 1.8 m; height 1.6 m.

Secondly, the Suzuki eVX electric car offers a much more interesting design than the Suzuki S-Cross. You can highlight V-shaped headlights, combined 3D lights, extended wheel arches, retractable door handles. However, are these only features of the concept, or will such a design be in the production version of the electric car? It is currently unknown.

However, it is known that the electric car “based on” the Suzuki eVX should get 4×4 all-wheel drive and a battery with a capacity of about 60 kWh, which is not a lot nowadays. However, even taking into account such a battery, we are talking about a distance of autonomous mileage of up to 550 km – not bad! But more detailed information will appear closer to the debut of a mass-produced electric car from Suzuki, which is scheduled to appear in 2025.