As soon as it became known that Apple has plans to switch to its own chips for cellular and wireless communication, other spare parts for its gadgets – displays were also added. Again, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has sources of information, says the company plans to start making its own displays for “older” Apple Watch models and, later, for iPhones and other products starting in 2024. A similar plan appeared in the company back in 2018.

As of today, one of the largest suppliers of displays for Apple gadgets is Samsung and LG. With the start of production of its own displays, the company will reduce its dependence on them. Other screen suppliers also include Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp. and BOE Technology Group Co.

Apple is currently ordering OLED panels. But the company plans to switch to microLED technology on its own. Back in 2014, the LuxVue startup, which was engaged in its development, was purchased for this purpose. Samsung also uses microLEDs in its TVs, but by relying on its own efforts, Apple will be able to better customize the devices and control production.

Apple is already starting to test microLED displays for the Apple Watch Ultra. The project is led by Wei Chen, who runs Apple’s display technology group within Johny Srouji’s Hardware Technologies division. Eyewitnesses who wished to remain anonymous they shared the impression that on such displays “the content looks as if it is painted on glass.” Also, these screens have brighter and richer colors, along with better viewing angles, compared to current options.

Apple’s plans to start producing its own displays in 2024 could potentially be pushed to 2025. The company may even initially offer a limited number of devices at the start of the transition. But without looking at its own development and manufacturing processes, it’s possible that Apple will still have to turn to external suppliers for mass production.

A similar microLED technology will also be used for the future AR/VR headset. But among other plans of the company is also the transition of iPad Pro to OLED screens. And the terms are also similar – 2024.