Smartphones from Microsoft do not often become the heroes of the news. Mainly because of a very specific design — the foldable device has the shape of a book and two separate displays in the middle. Against the background of such competitors as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Surface Duo loses badly. But it looks like the Surface Duo 3 should fix that.

According to the sources of Zach Bowden of Windows Central, the Microsoft Surface Duo 3 should get one large folding display in the middle of the case, and another additional external screen. The case will open 180 degrees. Along with this, smaller frames around the display, support for induction charging, and other improvements are expected.

Last May, the company filed a patent application for a foldable smartphone that can expand 360 degrees. One would think then that the next model might get a similar design. But the same sources of Mr. Bowden still stopped at 180 degrees.

The company also puts a lot of effort into the Perfect Together software solution. The company has plans to improve the interaction between Android and Windows, similar to what happens with the iPhone and Mac.

Unfortunately, there are no more precise data regarding the performance, software and date of appearance of Surface Duo 3. There is a chance that the name of the smartphone will change with the concept, as it already happened with Surface Book and Surface Laptop Studio. But the company still calls the device the third-generation Surface Duo.

At the same time, Mr. Bowden notes that the company is working on options for common smartphone form factors, and already has such prototypes. Thus, Microsoft is considering the option of releasing more traditional smartphones, and the Surface Duo may remain an option for enthusiasts.