Current iPhone 14 models have separation in the design of the part of the display with Face ID sensors: the regular iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have a cutout that is touching the frame, and the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max received a new (for Apple smartphones) Dynamic Island. According to TheElec, this year all iPhone models will switch to using Dynamic Island.

Samsung has already received an order for new batches of screens and is buying the necessary equipment from Philoptics for almost $20 million, which is not enough for the production of displays with Dynamic Island. The company even plans to bring in more partners to meet the demand.

In addition, TheElec believes that in the iPhone 16 Face ID sensors can be located under the display. According to past analogies, the iPhone 16 Pro model will initially receive similar technology. But the media does not provide any details regarding such a decision.

All iPhone 15 models will receive Dynamic Island, and in iPhone 16 Pro the Face ID sensors will be located under the display — TheElec

But returning to the iPhone 15, there are rumors that testing of this year’s smartphones from Cupertino-based company has already begun in China. So, there may be more details to come pretty soon as to exactly what to expect from this fall’s new releases.