Since September 2022, Vodafone has launched the Geosearch service, which allows you to find the whereabouts of a person you care about. For this, cellular data is used, not the Internet, which allows you to establish a location even in poor communication conditions. At the same time, the person the user is looking for must confirm the request to determine the location.

Initially, Geosearch worked through an SMS request to the short number 5500. During this time, more than 5,000 users used it. Now such an opportunity has been added to the proprietary My Vodafone application. To use the service, you need to go to the appropriate menu in the application, get permission from the subscriber to determine his location, after which it will be possible to update it and see where someone from relatives or friends is. Those users who have already managed to test the service via SMS will also see old requests in the application.

It is worth noting that the location permit will be valid for 30 days, after which it must be renewed. Geosearch also has an error of 3 km. And if the subscriber is not in the network, it will be possible to find out his last location when the connection was still there. The maximum number of phone numbers connected to the service is 5. There is also a daily limit of 10 location updates.

The Geosearch service is free (until February 25, 2023) and does not require separate activation, you only need to send a request to the appropriate person. In addition, such requests can be sent from abroad. They will work while the subscriber is in Ukraine and has a connection.

You can find out more about the terms of use on the operator’s website.