The next update of Tesla Model S and Model X two years ago brought an interesting detail to the interiors of electric cars — a yoke instead of a regular steering wheel. It resembles those in sports cars, but it is rare for road cars. And since the introduction of the innovation, Tesla has not provided other options, even if customers did not like the new steering option.

The novelty found both supporters and critics. The first liked that with this type of steering control, you can better see the instrument panel and the overall futuristic look. Others did not like that with such steering control you need to change your habits regarding the position of your hands on the steering wheel and the manner of its rotation. A separate topic of heated discussions was the transfer of such elements as turn indicators to the yoke steering wheel in the form of touch buttons, which do not always work as they should.

At first, Elon Musk said that there would no longer be an option with a regular steering wheel. But, obviously, the demand won. Now, when ordering a new Tesla, the usual steering wheel has appeared among the few options. It does not change the cost of the electric car or the waiting time for the delivery of the car.

Other than the shape of the steering wheel, the other controls remain unchanged. But still, customers were given the opportunity to get a familiar round steering wheel, which will not need to get used to, for example, when parking or emergency maneuvers, when you need to quickly change the direction of the car.