As you know, the design of the PlayStation 5 console provides for the possibility of its installation both horizontally and vertically – and many users keep it in this position, because with its size, it is not always possible to find enough space next to the TV to put the console “on the side”.

But it turns out that this can be dangerous: repair experts say that if the PlayStation 5 is left upright for a long time, due to problems in the design of the cooling system, it can eventually fail.

The other day, for example, Twitter user 68Logic, who owns a repair shop in France, reported this:

The problem, he said, is that the liquid metal used to cool the APU can sometimes literally pour down under gravity. This at least leads to deterioration of cooling – PlayStation 5 starts to make a lot of noise and may turn off due to overheating. In addition, liquid metal can get on the motherboard and simply “kill” the console. The same was reported a few months ago by another expert on PlayStation 5 repair, Ben Montana. He also blames the problem on the design of the cooling system and notes that it only happens if the console is standing vertically – and this applies to both the digital version and consoles with a Blu-ray drive.

Another repair expert, YouTube user TheCod3r, shows off a console in his video that he claims has never been opened and never been repaired before – but after months of upright use, it also failed.

Note that it is simply impossible to imagine such a thing in normal operation mode: the cooling system is so tightly pressed to the processor that nothing can “spill” from there. One could assume that the cooling of such consoles was displaced due to a shock or something else (especially since these cases are still rare, two years after the release of the PlayStation 5), but all experts assure that this is actually the case of absolutely all consoles, and the bad design is to blame.