The French company Peugeot presented the new Inception concept, which allows us to look into the future around 2025. It seems that this is how the “French” see it, as they tried to demonstrate on the example of the Peugeot Inception.

So, the Peugeot Inception concept car is a large electric vehicle, with a total length of 5 meters and a height of only 1.34 meters: all for better aerodynamics, which is very important for range.

Pay attention to the design features: a lot of glass with a special thermal coating, a new version of headlights and lights in the style of “lion’s claws”, side information displays in the doors – for example, they indicate the battery charge level. By the way, a range of up to 800 km is promised for the Peugeot Inception electric car – thanks to a rather small 100 kWh battery.

The Peugeot Inception concept is built on the STLA Large platform, which provides for the presence of two electric motors (total power of 500 kW or 680 “horses”) and four-wheel drive. Also, this platform involves the use of 800 V power technology, which allows you to charge the battery very quickly. For example, in just five minutes you can add energy for 150 km of mileage.

Also, pay attention to the interior of the Peugeot Inception concept – because here we see a new embodiment of the Peugeot i-Cockpit concept.

The main feature of the Peugeot Inception interior is an almost rectangular steering wheel with four holes – it even got its own name HYPERSQUARE. A round display is installed instead of the traditional instrument panel. And recycled materials are used in interior decoration.

What do you say? How do you like this version of the future for 2025?