During the CES 2023 exhibition, ASUS presented, among other things, the ROG Raikiri game controller Pro, the first licensed gamepad for Xbox that has three connection options: via Bluetooth, via a radio channel (2.4 GHz) or wired via USB-C. This will allow you to use it not only with Xbox consoles or PCs, but also with smartphones.

ROG Raikiri Pro has a small OLED screen (diagonal 1.3”) that can show various animations, battery level, microphone status and more. In addition, the gamepad is equipped with a DAC manufactured by ESS and a minijack for connecting a wired headset.

Also, the manufacturer has implemented additional functionality that you expect from a controller with “Pro” in the name: the ability to reassign buttons, additional buttons on the bottom, adjusting the sensitivity and “dead zones” of the sticks and different trigger modes – all this can be configured using the Armory Crate proprietary utility on a PC.

ASUS has yet to announce a price or an exact release date: it is only known that the ROG Raikiri Pro should go on sale later this quarter.