Probably, replacing the battery in, for example, a smartphone is one of the most frequent reasons for service centers contacts. Previously, this process was much simpler, as it was only necessary to remove the cover and replace the battery. Now, in the majority of cases, such a procedure still requires referral to specialists. And in the case of Apple products, such an appeal will soon become more expensive.

The prices of some services have been updated on the company’s website, and starting from March of this year, the cost of battery replacement will increase. iPhones with a Home button will go from $49 to $69, and newer models will go from $69 to $89. This is not to mention the current iPhone 14 models, where the price was immediately $99.

Replacement of batteries in the manufacturer’s laptops will also increase. For example, a new battery for MacBook Air will not cost $129, but $159. Installing a new battery in a MacBook Pro will not cost $199, but $249. For most iPad models, this price increase will amount to $20.

Such prices are set in the USA, but most likely they can affect the global market as well. Therefore, if you have an Apple device with a “tired” battery, it may make sense not to delay contacting the service center.