ChatGPT сhatbot gained such popularity that even made Google itself nervous – the company fears that it will pose a threat to its search business in the future. However, it seems that not everyone shares these fears.

So, it became known that Microsoft, in an effort to make its Bing search more attractive to users, is considering whether to add ChatGPT to it. This was reported by The Information (article requires paid access).

The media refers to information from its own source familiar with the plans of Microsoft and OpenAI — the creator of the chatbot (which, by the way, once received an investment from Microsoft in the amount of $1 billion). They claim that the plan is still in the early stages of implementation, and their goal is to create such a search engine that would be able not only to list links to various sites, but also to provide meaningful answers to users’ questions.

For now, Microsoft is concerned that ChatGPT’s responses aren’t always accurate, and may release an initial test version to a small number of Bing users later this year.