The authors of GameRant counted the number and the cost of games that could be obtained for free at the Epic Games Store during 2022.

In 2022, the Epic Games Store gave away more than 100 games for a total of $2,244. Of course, most were in December, during which players could pick up as many as 19 games.

We recently published data on the cost of games in Xbox Game Pass, and it seems that Microsoft is much ahead of Epic Games because as many as 220 new games worth $7,173 were included in Xbox Game Pass for 2022. But let’s not forget that Xbox Game Pass is not free, for example, now in Ukraine you can buy an access card to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 12 months for only UAH 2,095, but at the same time you will have to register an account in another region because Xbox is still not officially sold in Ukraine. And it’s a shame.

At the same time, Sony’s also non-free PlayStation Plus Essential for 2022 included only 37 free games worth $1,305.

So it looks like the Epic Games Store wins here because they gave away 100+ games worth $2,244 for absolutely free.