Motor1 shared interesting statistics about the world car market in 2022. In total, 131 new cars were presented during the year. Moreover, only completely new models (or new generations of already known models) are counted here, excluding updates or facelifts of existing cars.

The leader of the car market in terms of new products is Toyota along with its related brands Lexus and Daihatsu. Honda, GMC, SAIC, VAG (VW) and Stellantis concerns are also among the leaders.

It is interesting that almost half of the new products – namely 62 cars or 47% of the number of models presented – come from China. And it is interesting that even more than half of the new products have a “SUV” body: 67 cars or 51% of the total number of debuts. In second place in terms of popularity is the “sedan” type body with a huge lag: 23 new models. Moreover, half of them (12 models) are presented only for the Chinese market.

These are the statistics that tell us about the world car market in the language of numbers and explain to us the importance of certain segments of it.