Waze is one of the most popular car navigation apps thanks to its real-time traffic accident information from its community of users. Now a new beta version of the app from Google will warn users about roads with a statistically high accident rate based on data from the Waze community, reports Geektime.

In the beta version of Waze, roads that have an increased risk are marked on the map in red. The feature also only shows a single pop-up message about dangerous roads around the driver, perhaps to prevent carefulness from turning into anxiety.

Waze is testing alerts to warn drivers about roads with “history of crashes”

If a user is in a country where this feature is active and has access to the beta version, they will receive a pop-up in Waze that states: “Using reports from drivers and your route, you may see a ‘History of Crashes’ alert on some roads”.

While this feature only works in Waze’s beta version, it’s likely to be available to the general public soon. However, for users who do not want to receive such alarming notifications, it will be possible to turn them off in the settings.

This is one of the first new features that appeared in Waze after Google united the service development team together with the Google Maps team. Now they work in the same division of Google Geo. This news caused a reaction from many Waze users, who had a negative experience with other similar reorganizations at Google, when the company closed popular services, not feeling confident about their future. However, it seems that for now you can not worry about Waze, because the service continues to develop.