Weird Land Rover Defender, isn’t it? The thing is that this is not a Land Rover or a Defender – it is a Toyota TFENDER car created by ESB Style.

The latter is known for tuning Japanese cars, in particular, compact vans that are quite popular “on the islands”. It happened this time as well: the basis for tuning was the Toyota ProBox car – a small station wagon that was offered with 1.3- and 1.5-liter engines. Modest…

However, ESB Style has turned this car into a real off-road conqueror! After all, Toyota TFENDER received an increased clearance (+30-40 mm depending on the modification), large wheels and off-road tires, a modified front bumper – which is so reminiscent of the “British relative”. This is also due to the headlight covers with a semi-circular design and a wide roof rack cover. In addition, a modified rear bumper is also promised for the Toyota TFENDER.

In total, a kit for converting a Toyota ProBox into a Toyota TFENDER car costs about $2.5 thousand. Do you think this is a fair extra charge for style?