The number of game-based series is increasing every day. In the trailer below you can see what the animated series ARK: The Animated Series based on the Ark: Survival Evolved game will look like.

Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the most popular Steam games, which, even according to conservative estimates, sold more than 16 million copies. In this game you have to survive and develop in a mysterious world inhabited by dinosaurs.

Created by Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak, the animated series features an all-star ensemble of voice actors, including David “Doctor Who” Tennant, Russell “Gladiator” Crowe, Gerard “This is Sparta!” Butler, Malcolm “A Clockwork Orange” McDowell, Elliot “once Ellen” Page, Alan “I am a leaf in the wind” Tudyk, Karl “The Boy” Urban, Michelle “Empress Georgiou” Yeoh, Vin “Riddick” Diesel and Monica “Malena” Bellucci. Not every Oscar-nominated film can boast such a cast.

Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel additionally serve as executive producers of the series. As a reminder, the sequel to the game ARK 2 is currently being developed, the main role in which will be “played” by Vin Diesel.

The first season of Ark: The Animated Series will consist of 14 30-minute episodes and will premiere sometime in 2023. But on which service or channel it is still unclear.