LG, unfortunately, has already stopped making smartphones. But it still works on some components for them and, for example, is one of the largest suppliers of camera modules. At CES 2023, the manufacturer is preparing to present a telephoto camera with moving elements, which will allow you to get a real zoom, as on conventional lenses.

Together with Qualcomm, the Korean giant is developing a lens for flagship smartphones, which will have the ability to zoom optically rather than digitally. With its help, the user will be able to zoom in from 4 to 9 times without losing the quality of the digital version.

The modules will have a familiar periscopic mechanism, which will save space and realize the potential of the technology. These are already offered by Sony, OPPO is also working on its own version. For example, the camera in the Sony Xperia 1 IV already allows you to zoom in 3.5-5.2 times — the equivalent of 85-125 mm. In turn, the option from LG will offer 100-200 mm.

At the same time, the module will also have optical image stabilization, which is an almost necessary component for such approximation.