The mid-budget range of Samsung Galaxy A5x and A7x smartphones has traditionally been in demand among users – however, the younger version has always been more popular. Well, it looks like the Galaxy A73 will be the last model in this line: this year, Samsung apparently decided to abandon the A74 and only release the Galaxy A54 (the design of which we could see a little earlier at first renders).

This decision was reported by Samsung resource GSMArena, citing, in turn, the Dutch site Galaxy Club. There has been no official statement from the manufacturer yet, but such a move seems more than likely: there are already leaks of information on all Ax4 models, except for the A74, and at the time, the A73 was already available in fewer countries than the A72 before it.

On the other hand, the rejection of the Galaxy A74 and complete “silence” regarding the Galaxy S22 FE (which, according to rumors, can also not be expected) creates a very large “hole” in the company’s assortment – in this case, the flagship S23 series will immediately follow the A54, the appearance which is expected at the beginning of 2023. How Samsung plans to fill it is still unclear – unless with the help of deep discounts on last year’s flagship, the S22.