At the presentation of new iPads with M2 processors, the popular video editor DaVinci Resolve for tablets was also announced. But there was no immediate application. Now “that day has come”, bringing the tablet even closer to the PC.

DaVinci Resolve is a well-known video editor with powerful image color correction capabilities that has been available for Windows, macOS, and Linux for a long time. The appearance of the iPad version is something new. They tried to save the application interface, while adapting it for touch control on the tablet screen. There is support for both Apple Pencil and trackpads.

Users have the opportunity to both create new projects and import existing ones. Support for multi-user collaboration via Blackmagic Cloud has also been retained. At the same time, the “tablet” version of the program has the same set of features as the desktop version (including Cut Page, Source Tape, Fast Review, Sync Bin, etc.).

There was also AI:

DaVinci Resolve features cutting edge AI processing powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine. Tools such as magic mask need only a single stroke to locate and track people, features and objects in a shot. You can make characters stand out in an under lit shot, or invert the person mask and stylize the background.

Smart reframe repurposes footage to dramatically different aspect ratios by recognizing the action in a scene and panning within it so you can quickly create square or vertical versions for posting to social media. Voice isolation lets you easily remove loud, undesirable sounds from interviews and dialogue recordings from noisy locations. AI tools create quick, accurate results saving you hours of time!

Along with this, the user can import videos in H.264, H.265, ProRes and Blackmagic RAW formats (just in case, it really doesn’t hurt to have a terabyte drive in the tablet). This can be done from iCloud or external media.

Any iPad with iOS 16 is suitable for working with DaVinci Resolve. But the software manufacturer itself advises models with Apple M1 and newer processors. Capabilities such as connecting to external monitors with ProRes playback will also require it.

DaVinci Resolve has a free version, but to get all the features of the application you need to pay $94.99.