Hopoo Games studio and Gearbox Publishing announced Risk of Rain Returns – a remaster of the popular action-platformer Risk of Rain (2013). The game is due for release in 2023 on Windows PC on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The original Risk of Rain from 2013 was a 2D platformer with roguelike elements RPG. While its sequel Risk of Rain 2, released in 2020, was already fully three-dimensional.

Both games won the favor of players. Risk of Rain sold 1.64 million copies. Risk of Rain 2 sold even better – 7.45 million copies. Sales figures are taken from SteamSpy.

Among the updates, Risk of Rain Returns promises improved HD pixel art; updated code, which allows you to add new mechanics; improved sound and new music tracks; rebalancing; new heroes and their abilities.

From the appeal of the developers from Hopoo Games, it became known that a few weeks ago Gearbox Entertainment acquired the rights to Risk of Rain, but the developer of Risk of Rain Returns remains Hopoo Games. Gearbox Entertainment is the publishing division of Gearbox Software, whose portfolio includes games such as Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, We Happy Few, Earthfall, Godfall, Tribes of Midgard and Homeworld 3.