As reported by The Information, Twitter cut part of its infrastructure division on Friday night. The latest cuts come after The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Musk had fired Nelson Abramson, Twitter’s head of infrastructure, among several other senior employees at the company.


Twitter hasn’t had a communications team since the company began laying off workers. The Information estimates that Twitter’s workforce has fallen by about 75% since Elon Musk took over the company in late October. During the time of former CEO Parag Agrawal, the social network had about 7,500 employees. As of a week ago, according to the publication, there were about 2,000 employees in the Slack Twitter internal service. In November, Musk announced that he would no longer be laying off workers. The pledge comes after the billionaire’s “extremely hardcore” ultimatum led to at least 1,200 resignations.

Additional losses among the team responsible for keeping Twitter running are likely to heighten fears about how unreliable the site could become in the near future. At the same time, the move could further alienate Tesla investors, who have already complained about how much time Elon Musk spends on Twitter. After Abramson was fired, Musk brought in Tesla engineer Sheen Austin to run the infrastructure team.

The layoffs also point to the seemingly precarious financial position Twitter finds itself in. In recent weeks, Elon and other executives have reportedly discussed the potential consequences of denying severance pay to the thousands of people who have been laid off from the company in recent weeks. The company is also in rent arrears for its San Francisco headquarters and network of global satellite offices.