With all due respect to health care workers, sooner or later we have all come across the fact that only doctors or pharmacists can understand the treatment regimens and drug names written by them. And this seems to be quite an international case. Therefore, even the search giant is refining the capabilities of Google Lens to help decode handwritten notes from doctors.

In order to put the problem on the shoulders of artificial intelligence, Google is working with pharmacists on such a rather specific task. At a conference in India, the developers have already demonstrated a model that is able to recognize the names of medicines in handwritten prescriptions.

Even without this, Google Lens is able to recognize not only objects, breeds of animals, etc., but also to transform handwritten text into a printed version. But how well the application can do this depends greatly on the legibility of the handwriting in the note. Doctors’ records are probably one of the most difficult cases to understand, not only for AI, but also for ordinary people.

The company is currently not making any predictions about the launch of such functionality, noting that “there is still a lot of work to be done before this system is ready for the real world.” Well, it is clear that at first there will hardly be support for the Ukrainian language either. But it is still interesting that robots are also involved in such a question.