In his typical recent manner, Elon Musk hosted a poll on his Twitter, asking users if he should leave the post of the head of the company and promising to obey the results. At the time of writing, the poll had just ended, with more than 17.5 million Twitter users participating in it, with 57.5% of the vote supporting Musk’s resignation. Another 42.5% voted for Elon to remain the head of Twitter.

The vote came in the wake of a controversial policy by the social network, which planned to block the accounts of users who leave in their accounts links to profiles on other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Post and others. After receiving a lot of negative feedback, Twitter canceled the new rule, and Musk even had to apologise.

This situation and other scandals surrounding Twitter prompted users to vote for Musk’s resignation, but the results are unlikely to affect anything. First, Musk has long been convinced that the title of the company’s CEO is “invented” and “doesn’t mean anything.” In some Tesla documents, he refers to himself as the “Techno King”. So it’s likely that he might come up with a new job title for Twitter.

Second, as reported by Axios, Elon Musk is now a defendant in a lawsuit in Delaware with one of Tesla’s investors, who filed the lawsuit out of frustration that Musk is paying too little attention to the electric car company in the wake of his Twitter purchase. The subject of the lawsuit is the size of Tesla’s compensation package for Musk.

During a court hearing, Elon Musk told a Delaware judge that he plans to “reduce my time at Twitter and find someone else to run the company.” It’s possible that the survey is part of an announcement to find a new executive for Twitter.