Opel Mokka-e electric SUV turns into Opel Mokka Electric. Recently, it became known about the name change, which also entailed a change in equipment.

For example, the battery has been increased to 54 kWh, thanks to which the Opel Mokka Electric SUV is able to travel up to 406 km on one full charge. The power of the electric motor has also increased – from now on it is 115 kW (or 156 “horses”), which is enough for acceleration to a hundred k/h in about 10 seconds and a maximum speed of 150 km/h.

Also, take a close look at the “before and after” photos. With the update of the name and technology, the electric car Opel Mokka Electric received new wheels and a changed front bumper – instead of silver trim, black gloss was used. And in general, there is almost no chrome or silver decoration on the body, its place was taken by black color. But the hood, on the contrary, is presented in the color of the body in the company photos.

After all, these are minimal changes against the background of the “upgrade” of the equipment and the name. Such a new Opel Mokka Electric SUV will be available on the European market as early as 2023.