Ukrainian users cannot log in to Twitter using their mobile number, as the company has stopped sending two-factor authentication codes. It appears to be the result of a broader problem that Elon Musk calls the “bot war.”

Back on Sunday, the eccentric billionaire tweeted a warning that “the bots are in for a surprise tomorrow”. After which, as Platformer found out, in the following hours, Twitter blocked the traffic of approximately 30 mobile operators around the world, effectively cutting off access to hundreds of thousands of accounts, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.

The project was part of Elon Musk’s attempt to rid Twitter of spam. But instead of working to remove individual offenders, the company identified mobile operators used by major spam networks in specific countries and blocked their users from receiving SMS messages from Twitter, affecting people with two-factor authentication. Then it completely blocked traffic from these operators.

Complaints started pouring in almost immediately as legitimate users found they couldn’t access Twitter.

The same thing is happening now with Ukrainian users, whom Elon Musk called bots not so long ago, after receiving hundreds of thousands of responses to his “peace plan”, in which he called on Ukraine to essentially capitulate in the war with Russia.

As Platformer points out, after users started complaining about the problem, Twitter quickly unblocked operators and told them the outage was caused by “routing configuration changes.” However, the problem remains relevant for Ukraine. One can only hope that this is indeed a technical problem and not Musk’s petty revenge.