Apple does not like to go into the details of partnerships with other manufacturers of components of its devices. Some details are more likely to become public after journalists and insiders learn this information through supply chains, anonymous sources, device preparation, etc. And, for example, with the iPhone, this usually happens almost immediately after exiting.

But there are exceptions to the rule. So, Tim Cook said on Twitter that Apple has been cooperating with Sony for a long time, which is involved in the work on the cameras of the Apple’s smartphones.

“We’ve been partnering with Sony for over a decade to create the world’s leading camera sensors for iPhone. Thanks to Ken and everyone on the team for showing me around the cutting-edge facility in Kumamoto today,” Mr. Cook wrote, adding a photo from Sony’s lab in Japan.

Cooperation with Sony is not a discovery, because earlier many sources pointed to it. Similar reports were already published by, for example, The Wall Street Journal and iFixit. In addition, Sony is the leader in the mobile camera market with a 44 percent market share. It is followed by Samsung with 18.5%.

Tim Cook’s visit to Sony indicates that there are no plans to end such cooperation, and future smartphones from Apple will also retain some of the components produced by Sony. The Japanese manufacturer, in turn, is preparing a new sensor with an updated semiconductor architecture, which should collect more light and better process the exposure. Such a sensor is expected in the new generation of iPhone, but will also be supplied to other manufacturers.