On December 27, 2022, the documentary series Lucky! will be released on the Discovery+ channel, dedicated to one of the most controversial figures in the history of Formula 1 – Bernie Ecclestone, the man who created modern Formula 1 as we know it.

A talented businessman and a consummate schemer, Bernie Ecclestone is exactly the man to whom Formula 1 owes its modern popularity. At the same time, this is the person whose manipulations sometimes harmed the sports part of the race. Bernie Ecclestone is a very controversial and very interesting personality. His career in Formula 1 spanned almost 60 years, he was acquainted with many great drivers and constructors, so hopefully there will be a lot of interesting things in the series.

Especially since the author of the project Lucky! is Manish Pandey, who has already created several films and series about Formula 1 racing , including the film Senna, which is considered one of the best documentaries dedicated to motor sports.

In the TV series Lucky! there will be 8 episodes, which are built both on a large amount of archival material and on a series of interviews that Manish Pandey conducted with Bernie Ecclestone in 2020-21.