The cheapest model of Google Pixel 6a does not have a quick update feature on the display. But, as it turned out after the start of sales, the OLED panel from Samsung is capable of more than 60 FPS. Developer Nathan Brooke found a way to do this.

Brooke’s mod still made it possible to get 90 Hz on the display and he started developing a custom ROM for everyone who wants to “upgrade” the display of their Pixel 6a. But something went wrong.

Unfortunately, Nathan simply does not have time to work on the project, so he asked for help on Twitter, where he left a link to GitHub. Among the things with which a free hand is needed are, for example, complaints from the involved experimenters about the green tint of the image.

“I know it is fully possible to overwrite these tables but I don’t have the time to work on it myself so I open-sourced the driver edits so that other developers can work on it,” says Brooke.

Among other issues, the installation process remains rather inconvenient for most users. And it is also unknown how the use of such a mod will affect the device itself.

Such a life hack also received its share of criticism. Twitter user Kuba Wojciechowski commented that it could be simple overclocking and not a conspiracy by the manufacturers.

“I wish good luck to the people playing with this, if it’s real. It’s always fun to see modders squeezing more of the hardware they have, but this is just overclocking, not uncovering some grand conspiracy, which comes with risks. Don’t get too excited,” says Kuba, adding that you can actually damage the device that way.