The British studio Envoidant Studios presented a new trailer for its third-person cyberpunk shooter Vigilancer 2099, which has been under development since 2017.

The events of the game take place in a mega-building closed by the government, and the main character of Vigilancer 2099 is a bounty hunter with an incredibly large bounty on his head. His only hope is to quickly collect the necessary amount and redeem his life. And for this he needs to hunt down other criminals throughout the mega-building.

The developers promise an advanced mission generator that makes each hunt unique. In addition, the vertical design of the mega-building encourages the search for unusual pursuit routes and tactical solutions. The mega-building is hand-crafted and will attempt to tell stories through its surroundings. And as a bonus – various options for customizing the character and different reactions of NPCs to his appearance.

The authors say that they were inspired by the classic Blade Runner and the prototype Prey 2, which was developed by Human Head Studios from 2009 to 2011 on the id Tech 4 engine. As you know, Prey 2 was never released, instead it turned into Prey (2017) by Arkane Austin.

The Vigilancer 2099 prototype that can be seen in the teaser uses Unreal Engine 5 and looks very interesting. The game has a Steam page, so you can add it to your Wish List.

But the development of the game has been ongoing since 2017 and no, even approximate, release dates have been announced yet. So it is possible that Vigilancer 2099 will suffer the same fate as Prey 2. But let’s hope for the best.