Telegram users are well aware that to register in the messenger from the very beginning it was necessary to use a phone number that was linked to the account and served as a login. Telegram developers note that the number was never shown to third parties, unless users themselves allowed it in the settings. However, this approach still raised concerns among privacy advocates, especially in countries with dictatorships.

Telegram has added the option to register without a SIM card

In order to provide users with the opportunity to register without a SIM card, Telegram has launched the option of purchasing virtual numbers on the Fragment blockchain platform, which can then be used to register in the messenger. As in the case with a short username, numbers are sold on Fragment at auction. The most expensive “beautiful” number currently costs 31 thousand Toncoins (approximately $56,700), but you can instantly buy a number with a random set of digits for 9 Toncoins (approximately $16.3).