Toyota is showing the new C-HR Prologue concept car: it is already clear from the name that it refers to the successor of the existing Toyota C-HR model. So far, only the exterior photos have been released, but they also give a lot of interesting ideas.

For example, about the immutability of the style – the Toyota C-HR Prologue concept still demonstrates the combination of the worlds of “coupe” and SUV, but with enlarged wheels and a new signature HUMMERHEAD front end. Also pay attention to the C-shaped headlights and hidden door handles.

In addition, the three-color execution of the body attracts attention: the main silver-metallic color, yellow roof and diffuser, black-gray rear part. It is possible that such a three-color option will even be offered in the production version of the car. And the appearance of not only the usual hybrid modification, but also a Plug-In variant is expected: that is, a hybrid with the possibility of recharging from an external power source.

However, we will find out a little later what the Toyota C-HR crossover of the second generation will be. Roughly, as soon as 2023.