Twitter has started adding more tweets to the feed from accounts that the user is not yet following. The company announced that it is now pushing recommendations to all its users:

“We want to ensure everyone on Twitter sees the best content on the platform, so we’re expanding recommendations to all users, including those who may not have seen them in the past.”

It’s not yet clear whether the recommendations will start appearing in the feed, where tweets are sorted chronologically and where there have never been recommendations, or if Twitter will simply make recommendations more prominent in other parts of the app. The company says, meanwhile, that recommendations may appear in the feed, in certain places on the Explore tab and elsewhere on Twitter.

While this change may seem drastic, it’s not the first time the company has experimented with adding more recommended content. Over the years, Twitter has pushed recommendations into various parts of its service, although it sometimes changes the frequency with which these suggestions appear.

Twitter has also been careful to note in the past that it bans certain types of content from recommendations to avoid amplifying potentially harmful or substandard content, though it’s not entirely clear whether that’s still the case — the company no longer has a communications team.