For many people, TWS headphones and a smart watch have become everyday gadgets that accompany the owner everywhere. But these are two separate devices. And if everything is simple in the case of the watch, because it is worn on the hand and does not interfere, then everything is more complicated with the headset, because it has a separate case. Huawei engineers seem to have solved this problem.

A teaser appeared on the Weibo social network, in which you can see a hybrid of a smart watch and TWS headphones. The video itself only hints at what the gadget will look like, the presentation of which is scheduled for December 2. Although it is easy to understand that we are talking about small headphones hidden in the body of the watch.

The name of such a gadget is Huawei Watch Buds.

Later, the concept appeared on YouTube, where it is easier to find out how exactly the company sees such a symbiosis and what it will look like:

In a rather thick case, for a watch, two separate headphones were really hidden. You can open and access the display. There are also contact areas for charging the headset.

The concept is really unusual. Hardly anyone likes big watches, and the design itself can have many drawbacks. But Huawei is used to dealing with various devices.

There is not much time left before the presentation, the answers to most of the additional questions should appear tomorrow. Let’s wait.