Since October 10, 2022, when the power outages began in Kyiv, the number of traffic accidents in Kyiv increased by 55%, and the number of deaths due to them increased sixfold. This is reported by Khmarochos with reference to TV channel Kyiv.

“If you take the period before and after the blackout, the number of accidents increased by approximately 55%. In addition, the frequency of accidents involving pedestrians has doubled, and the death rate of people in these road accidents has increased sixfold,” said the spokesman of the Kyiv Patrol Police Andrii Molokoiedov on TV.

Traffic lights and street lights do not work at many intersections and crossings of the capital during blackout periods. Patrol police reports on cases of collisions with pedestrians at crosswalks.

According to Molokoiedov, after November 10, the Patrol Police increased the number of traffic controllers at 55 of the 700 intersections in Kyiv that were identified as critical.

The editorial staff of Mezha advise readers to wear light-colored clothes during the dark period of the day, to use reflective tapes and, in extreme cases, flashlights. Be careful when crossing the street.