At the OxygenOS Open Ears forum in London, the development team talked about the available solutions and revealed some plans for OxygenOS 14. One of the most interesting tidbits of information was the plans for software updates for the next OnePlus smartphones.

In recent years, OnePlus users have not been very satisfied with the number of “major” system updates, because often users do not change the smartphone longer than it receives current versions of the OS and patches to fix the bugs present.

The appearance of the new OnePlus 11 series is expected in early 2023. According to OnePlus head of software products Gary Chen, OxygenOS 13.1 will be released in the same time frame. He also confirmed that the OnePlus software team is already working on future OxygenOS updates and device software update timings.

As a user-oriented company, we do everything we can to enhance user experience. With more users keeping their devices for longer, we want to make sure we can offer that possibility. This new update policy will give users access to the latest security and functional features required to power OnePlus’ signature fast-and-smooth experience throughout the lifetime of the phone.

Expanding the update schedule for future OnePlus devices will no doubt help to assuage the disappointment of long-time fans of the brand. Four years of system updates with an extra year of regular bug fixes really sounds better than before. But, unfortunately, there was no such mention of current OnePlus models and cheaper versions of the Nord line.

In any case, if OnePlus can keep its promise, the company’s new flagships will receive more updates than even the Google Pixel, which has a life cycle of 3 major OS updates and 5 years of security updates.