Do-it-yourself gadget repair programs are becoming increasingly popular in the US. Self-confident users can order a set of tools and necessary parts, and independently, for example, replace the battery in a smartphone. Apple has such a program (which is inconvenient). In partnership with iFixit, Samsung also launched a similar one this summer.

Now the company is perfecting its repair method by adding a proprietary application to it. The company is currently registering Self Repair Assistant, which it describes as “for self-repair, self-maintenance, and self-installation of devices including smartphones, smart watches, tablet computers, and earbuds” which provides “consultation and information services for self-installation and self-repair” of various devices.

Samsung can supplement the instructions for self-repair of its gadgets with a proprietary application

That is, instead of searching for the necessary instructions, the user will be able to install the application, which will provide them with the necessary information to solve existing problems, step-by-step repair options, useful tips, etc.

At launch, Samsung’s DIY repair program only covered the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy Tab S7+ lineups. It is quite possible that with the new “assistant” the company will also increase the list of devices that users will be able to service without the need to visit a service center. In addition, such an application could become a good tool for, at least, diagnostics.

But, of course, registering a trademark does not guarantee that the company will release such an application at all.