A year ago, when we, with some trepidation, downloaded the first news and articles on Mezha.Media, we, like most Ukrainians, had no idea what the next year of our work on the new site would be like. For us, it was a leap in the dark, but also a very good opportunity to start something from the beginning, to do something right. And, despite the crazy neighbors and all the obstacles they create, it seems to us that we managed to do something this year.

We are very pleased with how you, our dear readers, have welcomed Mezha and how you have supported us all this time. We want to say thank you to all those who followed us on this site and to those who joined during this difficult year. And of course, to all those who help us with donations and/or volunteer help. We thank you!

And now some statistics.

In the year that has passed since November 25, 2021, when Mezha appeared on the network, our site was visited by 2 million 775 thousand unique users who viewed 9 million 900 thousand pages on it. Yes, the anniversary of 10 million is coming soon.

Most of the readers of our website have Ukrainian interface on their mobile device or PC. We hope that those who still use the Russian language simply do not know how to change the settings or do it out of habit.

Interface languages
Ukrainian language – 46.41%
Russian language – 28.80%
English language – 18.26%
Other languages ​​- 6.53%

Most of the readers of our website are from Ukraine. But the USA is unexpectedly in second place, thanks for this to the English version of Mezha.Media, which appeared in April 2022 and is rapidly gaining popularity. Readers from Russia make up only 0.64% of our audience, and those seem to be Ukrainians whojjjjjjjjjjj are forced to use the Russian Internet in the temporarily occupied territories. The decision to leave only Ukrainian and English as the site’s languages ​​was absolutely correct. In general, the Mezha.Media site was visited by users from 233 countries and territories, that is, from all corners of the world (or that’s how VPN works).

1. Ukraine – 68.08%
2. USA – 6.43%
3. Poland – 3.76%
4. Germany – 2.10%
5. Great Britain – 2.01%

12. Russia – 0.64%

Mezha.Media is mostly viewed from mobile devices, so the most popular browser among readers is Chrome. The browsers of the former monopolist Microsoft are not even in the Top 5.

Chrome – 77.22%
Safari – 10.86%
Android Webview – 5.80%
Firefox – 2.07%
Samsung Internet – 1.57%
Others – 2.48%

The following statistics are based on the same postulate as the previous one. Smartphones are the main device for consuming content now. They account for more than 80% of traffic on Mezha.Media. Desktops/laptops have only 19.51%. Among the OS, Android is predictably leading.

Operating system
Android – 69.27%
Windows – 14.67%
iOS – 11.01%
macOS – 4.05%
Linux – 0.79%
Others – 0.21%

Well, these are the statistical results of the Mezha.Media editorial staff work. In the next article, we will review the most popular materials of Mezha during the year of the site’s operation. Stay tuned.