DTEK has restored the operation of its power plants and power grids after an unprecedented attack on the power system. This is reported by the press service of the SCM Group of Companies, which includes DTEK.

Electricity has been restored to all critical infrastructure facilities – hospitals, water utilities – in all regions where the company’s specialists work. The gradual connection of household consumers continues.

The Ukrainian energy system survived. The Russian terrorists, who dreamed of taking away our light, achieved nothing. And they will never be able to do that. In the coming hours, the situation in the power system will be stabilized.

Energy workers withstood a tough battle against an insidious and unscrupulous enemy.

“Russian terrorists will never achieve their goals. Tthey will not intimidate us and force us to give up our principles. Attacks on energy infrastructure are a war crime for which all those responsible will be held accountable. All, taking into account the so-called Russian “energy engineers” who help the barbarians choose the targets of their attacks. Ukraine has withstood, will endure and will win. And no amount of terrorist attacks on civilian infrastructure will change that. We will be with the light, and you will forever remain in the dark,” said the CEO of DTEK Maksym Timchenko.

DTEK is the largest private energy company of Ukraine, which was established in 2005 to manage the energy business of the SCM group. DTEK operates eight TPPs in different regions of Ukraine, the total installed capacity of which is 13.5 GW.

P.S. Yes, the editorial staff, including from their own experience, know that not everyone has electricity yet and stabilization power offs continue. Let’s hold on!