One of the readers, commenting on another article PC of the month, said, that this was a good initiative and that he hoped we would continue to collect current PC configurations in the future. To which, of course, I replied that we have been doing this for over 20 years, because the first PC of the month, then “Computers and accessories: the best purchases of the month”, appeared in Home PC magazine #1-2/2000. But it turns out I was wrong.

The first PC of the month was published back in 1996 on the pages of Computer Review No. 48/1996, dedicated specifically to the home computer. It was the first time that Computer Review, which was primarily aimed at corporate users (because the home PC market simply didn’t exist yet), devoted an entire issue to home computers.

The most interesting thing is that the phrases used by Computer Review specialists when arguing for certain configurations coincide with the phrases of the Home PC magazine and those that Oleg Kasich is using now.

PC of the month (October 1996)

Pay attention to the prices. Dream PC – $4-6 thousand, real or optimal configuration – $2-3.5 thousand, minimum setup – up to $2 thousand. And the configurations themselves are fire! Interestingly, 3D accelerators already exist and so does the Internet. Do not pay attention to the Russian language, in 1996 almost 99% of printed publications in Ukraine were in Russian.

PC of the month (December 1996)

Computer Review continues to exist on the network and even under the leadership of the same editor-in-chief – Mykhailo Laptev. By the way, the author of this blog started his journalistic career at Computer Review, and literally a month before the appearance of this article about a home PC. Those were interesting times.