The official account of the series Vikings: Valhalla presented some heroes of the second season of the show, which caused sincere indignation on the part of Ukrainians. It seems that either the authors of the series were banned from Google, or they received a rather large bribe from the Russian special services. There isn’t any even minimal historical reliability.

The greatest indignation is caused by a tweet in which the authors present the new character of the film – the Kyiv prince Yaroslav the Wise, who suddenly became the “king” and “ruler of Northern Russia”.

“King Yaroslav the Wise, the warrior ruler of Northern Russia, and uncle of both Olaf and Harald,” the message says.

The next tweet is “no worse”: “Elena, the resilient daughter of a Russian noble”…

In the comments, Ukrainians and everyone who knows even a little bit about history tell Netflix and the authors of the series about the existence of Google and other simple tricks that could prevent such a fiasco. Some people remind us that until the 18th century Russia did not exist at all, but there was Moscovia, Yaroslav the Wise was the prince of Kyiv, and in place of Moscow at that time there were only swamps. Some suggest adding the Russia state-affiliated media label to Netflix accounts.

Netflix spreads Russian propaganda in the second season of Vikings: Valhalla

The second season of Vikings: Valhalla starts on Netflix on January 12, 2023, and of course we recommend that you ignore it.

We will remind, Vikings: Valhalla is a sequel and continuation of the series Vikings, which takes place a hundred years after the original show. Vikings aired on History and Amazon Prime Video channels in 2013-2020.

UPDATE: The official Vikings: Valhalla account has deleted all tweets that outraged Ukrainians. As users write in the comments, “they went to learn history.”