One of the recent technological trends is privacy. Developers of browsers and operating systems increasingly pay attention to the personal data of users, creating problems for companies like Meta and Google. But companies’ statements about the capabilities of their products are not always true.

Two iOS developers, who are also involved in security research, have discovered that Apple does transfer Directory Services Identifier (DSID) in the data of some proprietary applications. This ID is still linked to the user’s Apple ID and iCloud.

According to Mysk, such an identifier could potentially help track a user’s browsing habits in the App Store. And this contradicts the company’s claims about the transfer of private data.

Previously, the same researchers said that iOS 14.6 sent a lot of data to Apple, such as iPhone model, keyboard languages ​​and other details, which could later be used as a digital fingerprint. And the system could do this even when the user turned off the transmission of device analytics data.

After publishing this “find”, there was even a class action lawsuit against Apple from disgruntled users.

Apple has not yet commented on these cases.