The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov published detailed information about how many missiles remain in Russia and production of precision weapons since the beginning of a full-scale invasion. Unfortunately, the Russian terrorists still have enough of these weapons, and they somehow miraculously replenish their stocks despite the sanctions.

“Four enemies of the Russian missile arsenal: brilliant Ukrainian air defense forces; inept Russian missile forces; sanctions; time. Let’s demilitarize the terrorist state to live in peace!” wrote the Minister of Defense.

As it is easy to see, as of now, only stocks of Russian ballistic missiles Iskander are in a critical state, despite production, they have fallen to 13%, which is not enough for reasons of self-defense.

As for Kalibr, almost 400 missiles were fired from February 24, 2022, the Russians were able to produce another 120 missiles, and the total stockpile is still 37% of the pre-flight stockpile.

The same applies to the Kh-101 and Kh-35 air missiles. The Russians produced almost as many missiles as they spent, and their stockpile is another 50% and 41%, respectively.

As for the hypersonic Daggers, the Russians use them very cautiously and immediately replenish stocks. But in general, there were only 43 such missiles left.

How many missiles are left in Russia? Unfortunately, a lot

Unfortunately, the aggressors still have a lot of missiles from old stocks that are no longer produced. And the most missiles for anti-aircraft systems S-300, which can be used to impress ground targets, and with which the Russians terrorize the residents of the Ukrainian frontline cities. There are still almost 7,000 such munitions in warehouses, and Russia can additionally purchase such missiles from its allies.

As for the production of high-precision weapons under sanctions, there is an opinion that the Russians have accumulated some stock of the necessary microcircuits even before the invasion, in addition, they seem to have started using microcircuits from Western-style household appliances for the production of weapons, which unexpectedly began to be purchased in large quantities by Russian allies from the CIS countries. And, in addition, one should not forget about attempts to bypass sanctions through third countries.

We will remind you that during the mass missile attack on November 15, 2022 the Russians fired about 100 high-precision missiles. And according to forecasts, they need about two weeks to prepare a new attack of this scale.

In any case, no matter how many missiles the Russian Nazis still have, Ukraine will persevere. We believe in air defense, we support the Armed Forces! Let’s save electricity and help each other!