The Subaru Impreza of a new generation, the sixth in a row, has just debuted. And although the model is now in the shadow of a related crossover Subaru Crosstrek (in the past XV), and with the debut of the new generation also lost the “sedan” body, the novelty still deserves attention.

For example, at least for the attractive design of the 5-door hatchback and the use of the updated SGP platform. Or because the Subaru Impreza once again remains faithful to the traditional opposed engine and all-wheel drive. By the way, from now on, all versions of the Subaru Impreza – even the basic ones – will get a 2-liter 154-horsepower engine and a CVT variator, there will be no more mechanical gearbox.

But there will be a Subaru Impreza RS! This is the return of the modification, which occupies an intermediate position between the regular versions of the Subaru Impreza and the “hot” WRS/STI cars. From the outside, the car stands out minimally (the main photo for the news): several logos and 18-inch wheels.

All because the key differences are internal. A 2.5-liter 185-horsepower engine is installed under the hood, an SI-Drive switch has been added, and the CVT variator has received a manual shift mode with an imitation of an 8-speed automatic gerabox. There are also important differences in the interior of the car. For example, sports seats are installed, there are metal pads on the pedals, an 11.6-inch vertical display is located in the center of the front panel (vs. 7-inch in the basic versions).

Currently, the new Subaru Impreza is offered for the US market, with a model for other markets planned later. Probably, by that time we will see new versions of Subaru Impreza – for example, a hybrid modification.