The Ukrainian game Timeloop: Sink Again Beach was released on Steam. This is a cute little first-person pirate adventure with colorful characters and real time travel.

The main character of the game, Jack, arrives at the Monkey Island of Death to disperse the dust of his friend Donald. But all is clearly not well with this island and its inhabitants. It seems that some of them are already familiar with Jack and they are acting very strangely.

In Timeloop: Sink Again Beach game developer Pylyp Bazdyrev tried to realize real time travel that does not cause time paradoxes, well, almost does not. Of course, there are time errors and some conventions in the game, the author even encourages players to find them and discuss them on the Steam forum.

The game is undemanding to resources, but has quite cute cartoon graphics, which the author borrowed from the game of his own brother Artem Bazdyrev, Sink Again, which was released on Steam two years ago. Sink Again has now been removed from Steam at the request of the author in protest of Valve’s continued cooperation with the Russians.

And in Timeloop: Sink Again Beach there are many references to classic books and games about pirates, and in general, the atmosphere of the game is somewhat similar to the classic The Secret of Monkey Island.

Separately, it should be noted the surprisingly good professional Ukrainian voice acting, which can be heard only in a few AAA Ukrainian games. The author, for whom this is the first experience of voicing a game with professional voice actors, and in general a game with a narrative and cutscenes, independently contacted several Ukrainian voice actors. He even talked on the phone with Yevhen Malukha (Homer Simpson’s voice), but he was busy with other projects.

Female characters in the game were voiced by actress and dubbing director Kateryna Braykovska. She helped with finding actors for male roles, finding a studio and organizing the process. The male characters in the game speak with the voices of Pavlo Skorokhodko (the voice of an adult Harry Potter) and Matvii Nikolaev.

It turned out really cool and high-quality, almost like a real movie. And if a tiny one-man Ukrainian indie studio was able to do it… we have a lot, a lot of questions for Western publishers who say that Ukrainian dubbing of games is expensive and doesn’t make sense.

As Pylyp Bazdyrev says, the sound of the game is probably the only major item of expenditure in the budget of Timeloop: Sink Again Beach. Especially English, which will involve 4 actors from the USA, England and Canada. But the author himself considers the Ukrainian version of the game to be canonical, because he himself participated in the recording and corrected it.

Timeloop: Sink Again Beach is a small (the game can be completed in 3-4 hours), but cute pirate adventure. The price of the game for Ukrainian players is only UAH 150, so we highly recommend that you take a look at this time travel experiment. At least for the sake of very high-quality Ukrainian voice acting, this is indeed a very rare thing.