On November 28, the next, ninth extension World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is released. It will feature a new zone – the Dragon Isles, in which five locations will be available, each dedicated to one of the Aspects of the dragons – the leaders of the five clans. Dragonflight will also add a new race of Drachtyr and a new type of flight – riding dragons.

After the mixed Shadowlands, the new extension seems more promising, at least so far – and may even be able to bring back players who were disappointed by Shadowlands to this classic MMO (which turns 18 years old the other day).

It is interesting that one of the innovations of Dragonflight will be a closer interaction of players from opposite factions – this can already be understood from the released trailer (Blizzard again demonstrates that it knows how to make cinematics), in which a dwarf and a troll are riding dragons like friends. The game will allow players from different factions share loot after killing mobs, the developer is also rumored to be adding cross-faction queues to dungeons and raids — and even cross-faction guilds.