The car market in Brazil and Latin America in general is a treat for Volkswagen. However, this market requires its own special models – simple and inexpensive. This is how the new Volkswagen Polo Track hatchback is based on the regular Polo. However, now adding the word “Track” does not mean cross-hinting or enhancement, but rather simplification.

For example, the car gets conventional headlights and 15-inch wheels with hubcaps, while its own front bumper actually features a very simple grille design of elongated hexagons. This bumper also hides a simple technique: a gasoline 3-cylinder 1-liter engine (84 hp) paired with a manual transmission and front-wheel drive.

And in the interior, there is not a lot: an analog instrument panel and a traditional radio, steering wheel without leather, many plugs, and simple decoration. But the equipment is composed according to the principle of the necessary minimum: ESP system, air conditioner, power steering, electric windows. Even the seat with an integrated headrest is an element of design simplification, but everything is made to look attractive in the eyes of the buyer.

However, perhaps the most important point in the specification of the new Volkswagen Polo Track car is its price – only from $15 thousand: now it looks attractive! Or not?