The Polish studio SimulaM and the Polish publisher PlayWay S.A. presented the gameplay trailer of the game I Am Jesus Christ. The trailer is related to the game prologue, a kind of demo version of the project, which is currently being prepared for release.

As the name suggests, I Am Jesus Christ is a simulation of the Son of God, in which the authors offer players in the role of Jesus Christ to go through the entire earthly path of God according to the New Testament, from birth to ascension. Turning water into wine, fishing with Simon and other mini-games are included.

I Am Jesus Christ is a shooter… that is, a first-person simulator. The authors offer players to create 30 classic miracles described in the Bible, communicate with the apostles and other NPCs, save people’s lives and feed the suffering, get crucified and, of course, resurrect after 3 days.

The release of I Am Jesus Christ on Steam is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2023. It is interesting that Poland is a very religious country and it is not at all clear how its citizens and the official church will react to such a game with such a name.

In addition to the gameplay video, there is also an official trailer for the game, but it is already two years old.